Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How to Troubleshoot Kodak Printer Error Code 3502?

Kodak Printer is one of the best printing machines in all over the world. It is mainly used for printing so many necessary and important tasks. Due to excellent performance, amazing features and countless benefits, Kodak printer is now in the great demand among Kodak printer users. These printers can be both colored electro photographic and monochromatic printers. They are capable of digital printing, functional printing and flexography printing. While using Kodak printer, you can face Kodak printer error code 3502. This technical error code is very complex, so you should take proper care for this. To fix Kodak printer error code 3502, you can consult with Kodak Printer Customer Support team to get complete solutions for this issue. Here, we are going to explain some important troubleshooting methods given below:- 

Kodak printer error code 3502 shows that the main tray and paper tray both are vacant. It also means that the printing machine has run out of papers and you need to insert more papers.

Make sure that the main tray is chosen in the print settings.

Then, eliminate the paper from the main tray of the machine. Next step, load the paper afresh and insert the paper into the tray again.

Next step, you try to move the paper in the tray in the forward direction until it prevents. Also, you try to move the papers-edge until they touch the actual papers.

Still if the error continues, you must switch off the machine. Then check carefully if the paper completes the printer’s parameters, whether all the papers are very clean with edges and the paper path is not jammed by something.

At last, you should turn on the Kodak printer and the error must be fixed fully.

The Kodak Printer Error Code 3502 shows that the printer access is presently open, therefore causing the error. You have to shut the printer access door and if the error continues even after that, you must power cycle the device. You need to switch off the printing device, disconnect it from the power supply and wait for a few seconds. Then, you should plug in the device again and then switch it on. Thus, this error code 3502 can be resolved easily. Still if you are facing a lot of technical troubles regarding this error code, you can take Kodak Printer Help Support number 1-888-657-9666 from printer experts available round the clock.

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